We began our business with deer shoulder mounts. Having our own trophy deer that needed mounted, we knew what a hunter was looking for as far as a quality deer mount. We have seen our share of “poor” quality mounts and wanted to offer quality mounts that were affordable. You pick the position of your deer mount. You have many choices left or right turn, sneak, upright and many more that we can help you choose from.

The forms and eyes we use are top quality. We choose forms that work with Iowa bucks measured to fit your deer. Iowa is famous for large bucks, not all forms can do justice to the size of Iowa deer.

Quality deer mounts include:

  • Eyes that look real, proportional and with expression.
  • Ears should continue to add expression to the deer. You can change the expression or mood of your deer just by the position of the ears.
  • Nose should look real by having the “wet” look and texture.
  • The rack position should sit naturally on the head in correct position from the eyes.
  • Capes that are tanned in house.
Scovel Taxidermy deer mounts have all the above traits and many more
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