Shipping your skull to Scovel Taxidermy is very fast and easy. Just call us and follow the simple instructions below!

Shipping Instructions:

  • Call us for detailed information. 515-962-1341
  • You may either send skull with hide on or removed. We recommend removing the hide, lower jaw, eyes and brain.
  • Do not use salt on your skull.
  • Freeze solid for several days before shipping.
  • Wrap skull in several layers of newspaper and then seal in a plastic bag.
  • If skull has antlers or horns wrap the tips to avoid them piercing the box. You can use plastic cups, cut up hose or bubble wrap.
  • Include your name, address, phone number and deposit. Place in a separate plastic bag taped inside the box.
  • We prefer Speedy Delivery or Federal Express 2 day no signature required.
  • Ship on Monday to avoid package sitting over the weekend in a truck.
  • Call us to make sure we can accept the package.

Ship to:
Scovel Taxidermy
9522 Pershing St.
Indianola, Ia. 50125

Customer is responsible for all shipping cost. We will include shipping in your final balance. When skull is complete we will call you and send final invoice. You then will need to send the balance before we send completed skull back to you.
Proper preparation of your skull is very important, wet smelly boxes can cause problems with the shipping company.
Scovel Taxidermy is not responsible for lost or damaged items during the shipping process.

Field Care for Deer
Field care is very important to the quality of the mount you request. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you harvest a trophy.

  • Never drag your trophy. Dragging causes Rocky to cringe, because of the damage that can be caused to your hide.
  • Leave the entire hide. Let us decide where to make the cuts. If you’re unsure on how to cape your deer call Rocky, he can talk you through the process. We also can do the capping for you for an additional cost.
  • Leave the front armpits. Cut around the back side of the front legs all the way to the kneecap along the white hair line.
  • When field dressing be careful not to cut too far up the brisket.
  • Put a bag on the face of your deer. The nose and ears tend to dry out quickly.
  • Get your deer to us as soon as possible to avoid bacteria growth which will cause hair slippage.
If you can’t get your deer to us within 24 hours keep your deer in a cool, dark place.
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