Scovel Taxidermy was born when our second child was delivered. I wanted a way to work from home and take care of both our kids. My crazy idea snowballed and became a reality in 2001. Since Rocky is an avid deer hunter and deer lover, it was logical for us to focus on deer shoulder mounts. Over the next few years Scovel Taxidermy added fish, and all game heads. In 2007 we added European skull mounts to our growing list of services.

We want you to come to us for our expertise and leave as a friend. We love it when the hunter brings the entire family to our shop! We connect with everyone in the family because our shop is located at our home. The first person you will meet is Hemi our Yellow Lab. She will drop a ball at your feet and wait patiently until you throw it for her. Next you will meet Rocky and I. We love to hear the story that goes with the animal. Rocky usually has a few stories of his own. I take care of business by getting your information recorded. Our kids will sneak in to check out if you brought any kids along to play with.
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